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EnviroConsult Inc. specializes in Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA's) and Conservation and Reclamation Plans (C&R's) for linear developments. We have been involved in Route and Site Selections, Baseline Resource Inventories including Rare Plant Surveys, Aquatic and Fisheries Surveys, Public Consultation Programs and Environmental Education and Training. We have qualified Biologists on staff and are able to satisfy the most recent Alberta Environment and Department of Fisheries and Oceans requirements for watercourse crossings. We have worked on projects reviewed by the Oil and Gas Commission, the Energy Utilities Board, the National Energy Board, and the Natural Resources Conservation Board.

Enermark Inc., Calgary Alberta Canada
Conducted an aquatic assessment of an unnamed creek in the Medicine Hat area of Alberta and applied for and received a water crossing permit under the current Code of Practice for Watercourse Crossings for Pipelines.

Alberta Energy Company Ltd., Calgary Alberta Canada
Completed an Impact Assessment and Environmental Protection Plan for the Alberta Energy Company Ladyfern project in northeastern British Columbia. The project involved client liaison, collection of biophysical data including a rare plant survey, evaluation of potential project-related impacts, and development of mitigation measures to reduce impacts to an acceptable level.

Gulf Canada Resources Ltd. Calgary Alberta Canada
Completed the Conservation and Reclamation Plan of the Gulf Garrington Sour Gas Looping Project. This project is in the agricultural White Area of the Province of Alberta and required a soil survey and Historical Resources Impact Assessment. A biophysical description of the project area was compiled and served as the basis to evaluate potential project-related impacts. An Environmental Protection Plan was also developed and mitigation measures to reduce potential impacts were incorporated into a final report.

Nova Gas Transportadora de Chile, Santiago Chile South America
Project coordinated development of the EIA for the Region V Extension for Nova Gas Transportadora de Chile in Santiago South America. Responsibilities included liaison in Spanish with a local environmental consulting company, Nova Gas, and the regulatory body Comisin Nacional de Medio Ambiente (CONAMA). Objectives of the project were to ensure the EIA respected CONAMA's newly developed environmental regulations, adequately addressed impacts, and that the proposed recommendations were acceptable and representative of Nova's high standard of excellence.

TransCanada Pipelines Ltd. Merida Mexico Latin America
Prepared support materials in the Spanish language to be used in the Public Consultation and Information Plan (PICP) for the Energa Mayakan Consortium Pipeline in the States of Tabasco, Chiapas, Campeche and Yucatn in Mexico for TransCanada Pipelines Ltd. Support material preparation included a Q&A questionnaire containing diverse pipeline-related issues such as Right-of-Way, benefits, employment opportunities, technical characteristics, and insurance. The Q&A provided an informative package for the provincial and municipal authorities, landowners and communities alike.

Mobil Natural Gas Inc.Kazakhstan, Russia
Impact assessment for the Tulpar Munai seismic project in Kazakhstan Russia for AGRA Earth & Environmental and Mobil Oil. The project involved reviewing translated Russian biophysical text and incorporating the information into project specification format. The winter construction methods were evaluated, and development of an environmental impact assessment and environmental protection plan of the seismic lines and camp site.

PAC-RIM, British Columbia Canada
Participated in an Impact Assessment of the PAC-RIM LNG project proposed in central-north British Columbia. Project involved conducting an initial issues scoping exercise and collecting and reviewing background information on current land uses, identifying biophysical characteristics and protected and proposed protection areas to be encountered along the PAC-RIM alignment and LNG Plant and loading facility. Project also involved liaising with regulatory officials regarding recently updated regulatory requirements in B.C. and contributing to the final report.

Petro-Canada Resources, Saskatchewan Canada
Project managed an Environmental Protection Plan for Petro-Canada's Crane Lake 1995 Project in the Great Sand Hills area of southwestern Saskatchewan. The project involved selecting appropriate wellsite locations and pipeline routes, compiling biophysical and land use information, evaluating potential project-related impacts, and developing an Environmental Protection Plan. The project also involved liaison with the Great Sand Hills Planning Commission and various regulatory agencies.

Ocelot Energy Inc. Saskatchewan Canada
Participated in the Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Protection Plan for Ocelot Energy's Freefight Lake Gas Project in the Great Sand Hills in south-western Saskatchewan. This project involved considerable biophysical assessment, public participation, environmental protection planning, and liaison with the Saskatchewan provincial authorities.

Nova Gas Transmission Ltd. Alberta Canada
Completed a number of Environmental Design Basis and Conservation and Reclamation Plans for Nova Gas Transmission Ltd. Projects included assistance on the Calling Lake and Island Lake Lateral Crossovers, Baptiste Lateral Crossover, Paul Lake Lateral Extension, Plains Mainline Loop ) Penhold Section), and the Crossfield East Lateral Upgrade. Also secured a river crossing timing extension on the Athabasca River for the Paul Lake Lateral Extension project.