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EnviroConsult Inc. provides inspection to ensure contractors are in compliance with the Proponents design and approval documents. We have experience inspecting pipeline, roadway and bridge construction projects to help ensure erosion control measures are implemented and remain in place as required, downstream water quality is maintained at watercourse crossings, contingency measures are in place to handle emergencies and unforeseen events, and the appropriate clean up and restoration measures are implemented.

City of Calgary, Land Use and Mobility, Alberta Canada
Provided environmental inspection and monitoring during construction of the Deerfoot Trail Upgrade and Extension Project between Douglasdale Blvd. and the Bow River in Calgary Alberta. Inspection included reviewing various contractor ECO Plans and Sediment and Erosion Control Plans for compliance. Daily environmental inspections were carried out and weekly meetings were held to provide clarification and help ensure construction activities remained in compliance with the Client's regulatory requirements.

Graham Construction and Engineering Ltd., Calgary Alberta Canada
Conducted environmental inspection during the installation of a sanitary and water pipeline crossing of Nose Creek in Calgary, Alberta. The project included developing specific environmental protection and streambank restoration measures for the watercourse crossing, liaising with Alberta Environment and the Habitat Management Branch of the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, and contributing to the permit application.

Graham Construction and Engineering Ltd., Calgary Alberta Canada
Conducted environmental inspection during construction of the Harvest Hills Bridge over West Nose Creek in Calgary Alberta. Specific environmental protection measures were compiled to maintain flows and water quality, minimize the transfer of sediments, and protect fish and fish habitat in West Nose Creek.

Enermark Inc., Calgary Alberta Canada
Conducted environmental inspection during a gas pipeline crossing of an unnamed tributary to the South Saskatchewan River in the Medicine Hat area of Alberta. An inspection report was compiled and follow-up reclamation measures were reviewed and implemented.

Hopewell Residential Communities, Calgary Alberta Canada
Conducted environmental inspection during installation of sanitary and potable water pipelines to the Elbow Valley residential community west of Calgary Alberta. During installation of the pipelines, construction practices were monitored to ensure compliance with the Environmental Protection Plan. Later, during repair of three manholes, hourly monitoring of water levels and water quality in an adjacent rainbow trout header pond was carried out to protect the trout farm.